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Canning Jars & Labels!

All the different sizes - Ahhh! Canning Jars!

There are so many different sized canning jars. It all depends on what you are canning, how big your canner is, and what the recipe you are using recommends. Canning jars are available in 4 oz., 8 oz., half-pint, pint, and quart sizes. There are several different brands to choose from. Just be sure you know what size jars your canner is capable of holding before purchasing any tho!

You can purchase used canning jars, but you need to be careful if you are going to be thrifty. You absolutely do not want to use jars that are darkly clouded, have nicks or cracks in the glass, or are the vintage colored glass canning jars.

Onto labeling...

Ah, labeling the canning jars. Some people are very neat and print out an individual label for each single jar of canned food. Some people purchase canning jar labels that they can just fill in with a pen. Others just take a permanent marker to the lid of the can. But, however you decide to label your jars, be sure to label your jars promptly.

Of course those are canned tomatoes and that jar over there, well it is salsa! So why should you label those jars that you know what is in them?

Well part of the importance of labeling those jars is the date, you don't want to come across an unlabeled can and eat it when it turns out it has been in your pantry for 20 some odd years...

Also, if the food has spoiled in the jar, it is sometimes unrecognizable, and you will want to know what it was in order to check other cans of food from that batch in order to determine if they are spoiled or starting to spoil as well.

It is also helpful if you decide to give any of your foods away. Just because you know what is in that can doesn't always mean that your friendly neighbor who is dying to try out your home canned foods would know what is in it.

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