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canning lids

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canning lids

Canning Lids & Bands

If you are using the canning lids and screw bands then you will need to know that while it is safe to reuse the canning jars and canning bands each year, you must have new lids every time you can in order to acheive a seal that will keep your food from spoiling.

The lids and bands are offered in regular and wide-mouth sizes. You can purchase the lids and bands together, or if you do not need the bands you can purchase the lids alone. When purchasing new canning jars, they typically come with new lids and bands on them.

Now, there are some types of canning lids that can be reused. One of these brands is Tattler canning lids. Tattler lids use a plastic lid with a rubber ring that creates a seal. You use these lids with a screw band during the canning process. Checking to see if the jars have sealed using a Tattler seal is very similar to checking a standard canning lid.

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