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bubble freer


Bubble Freer/Headspace Tool:

A bubble freer is a very handy little tool to having in your canning toolbox aresenal. If you have reviewed the Canner Problems section, you will see that several problems can arrise in your canned foods due to bubbles not being thoroughly removed from your preserved jars of food.

Using a bubble freer is fairly simple, you just need to slide it between the food and the inside of the canning jar pressing in on the food gently to allow the air bubbles room to come to the top.

If you do not have a bubble freer, you can also use a non-metal spatula and acheive the same results.

Many bubble freers can also double as a headspace measuring device. They will have measurements on them so that you can see how much space you have left in the top of each jar. 

Many canning kits now come with a bubble freer included.

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