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using pickle mix

using salsa mix

Fruit Pectin & Canning Mixes:

There are several different mixes that can help you in your canning adventures along with the fruit pectin which comes in handy with jams, jellies and more:

Fruit Pectin: Now, there are some fruits that have enough natural pectin to set into jams and jellies without adding any commercial pectin. Be sure to follow the recipes, when a recipe calls for fruit pectin to be added. Most commercial pectins are derived from apples, but they will not change or effect the flavor of your product.

Canning Mixes: There are many different canning mixes on the market, there are several pickle mixes that you can use to make pickling a bit easier, there are also salsa mixes, pickled veggie mixes, and more. These mixes contain ingredients to achieve ideal flavor in your canning. You will probably want to try a few and see which brands and types that you like. (Be sure to follow instructions on the packaging.)

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