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Pressure Canning Beets:

beets for canning

Canning beets is one of the best way to preserve these little delicious gems from your garden. Many people do not like the taste of beets, however, those who do are usually very dedicated, if you took the time to grow these, we're guessing that you are dedicated, and what better thing to do, but to preserve them to ensure that they don't go bad before you have time to enjoy!




2 to 3 1/2 lbs. red beets per quart, 1- to 2-inches in diameter
Salt (Optional)


Wash and drain your beets. Leave 2 inches of the stem and tap root on your beets. Boil until the skins slip off. Remove the skins and trim. Slice, dice, or leave beets whole. Pack your beets into hot jars, leaving a 1-inch headspace. If desired add 1/2 tsp. salt to each pint jar and 1 tsp. salt to each quart jar. Ladle boiling water over your beets being sure to leave a 1-inch headspace. Remove the air bubbles with a bubble freer or with a non-metallic spatula. Adjust the two-piece canning lids. In a pressure canner process pints for 30 minutes, quarts for 35 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure.

If you live at an altitude higher than 1000 feet above sea level you will want to view our pressure canning altitude chart.